Scooter Rental

Hot Wheels Rentals & Tours offers daily, weekly, and monthly scooter rental specials.

Day Rentals (Prices are subject to change and based on availability)

Standard Scooters- ($200.00 Refundable Security Deposit)

Tao Tao rentals miami beach2 Hr Min: $25.00

Half Day Special: $35.00

24 Hours $45.00

Choice of Scooter: Tao Tao

1-2 Passenger. 49 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 30MPG

Daelim scooter rental2 Hr Min: $35.00

Half Day Special: $45.00

24 Hours $55.00

Choice of Scooter: Daelim

2 Passenger. 49 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 30MPG



Retro Scooters- ($200.00 Refundable Security Deposit)

scooter with lights for rent2 Hr Min: $35.00

Half Day Special: $55.00

24 Hours $65.00

Choice of Scooter: Baccio

2 Passenger. 49 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 40MPG

LED Lights & Retro Colors


scooter with lights to rent retro scooters for

Premium Scooters - ($300.00 Refundable Security Deposit)


GMW scooters for rent


2 Hr Min: $45.00

Half Day Special: $65.00

24 Hours $75.00

Scooter Type: GMW- R1, Lucky, Air50

2 Passenger. 50 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 40MPG


150 CC Scooters-  ($300.00 Refundable Security Deposit)



2 Hr Min: $65.00

Half Day Special: $75.00

24 Hours $95.00

Scooter Type: Italica or Fly Scooter

2 Passenger: 150 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 60MPG


Maddog Lowrider Scooter-  ($300.00 Refundable Security Deposit)

Maddog Rental2 Hr Min: $85.00

Half Day Special: $100.00

24 Hours $120.00

Scooter Type: Maddog Lowrider

2 Passenger: 70 CC Scooter

Top Speed: 50MPG


Multiple Days Rentals (Prices are subject to change and based on availability)

1 passenger scooter rental


1 – 2 Passenger Standard Scooter (Tao Tao)

3- Day Rental: $105.00

5- Day Rental:.$150.00

1- Week Rental:.$185.00

2 Week Rental: $235.00

1-Month Rental: $300.00



scooter weekly rentals

2 – Passenger Standard Scooter(Daelim)

3- Day Rental: $120.00

5- Day Rental:.$165.00

1- Week Rental:.$200.00

2- Week Rental: $285.00

1- Month Rental: $350.00




scooter rental weekly specials

2 – Passenger Retro Scooter(Baccio)

3- Day Rental: $130.00

5- Day Rental:.$175.00

1- Week Rental:.$225.00

2- Week Rental: $320.00

1-Month Rental: $385.00




vespa scooter rentals

2 – Passenger Premium Scooter(R1 or Lucky)

3- Day Rental: $140.00

5- Day Rental:.$200.00

1- Week Rental:.$250.00

2- Week Rental: $340.00

1-Month Rental: $400.00


Terms and Conditions

  • Deposit: A refundable security deposit is requested on all rentals at check out. Security deposit start at $200.00 to $300.00 and it is determined on the type of scooter and time frame the scooter is rented. The deposit can be accepted in cash or credit card. All cash deposits require a credit card on file and are refunded upon the return and inspection of the scooter. All credit card deposits are made as an authorization only. Deposits will be completely refunded once the scooter is inspected and is returned in the same conditions as given at the commencement of the rental.
  • License: All 49 cc scooters can be rented by any person who has a valid driver’s license from any state or country and must be presented upon time of rental.
  • Age requirement: Any person age 18 and over with a valid driver’s license is allowed to rent and drive a scooter.
  • Helmets: Can be provided to renter at no extra cost with a scooter rental
  • Rental Fee: All scooter rentals must be paid in advance
  • Parking and Traffic Violations: Renters are responsible for any tickets they receive.
  • Gasoline: At renter’s own expense.
  • Refunds: No refunds
  • (Prices are subject to change and based on availability) Special events and holidays prices will increase. Please call in advance for information.