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What are you waiting for? Get up and get moving! Explore beautiful Miami on a bicycle. Renting a bike gives you the liberty to explore Miami at your own pace, get around quicker, see more sights and sounds than if you’re stuck on foot. Get the most out of your day and your trip to Miami. Renting a bike fun, inexpensive, and best of all, the exercise is good for you!

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1-2 Day  $25.00 (Per Day)/ 3-4 Days  $20 (Per Day)/  5-6 Days $15.00 (Per Day)/   

7 Days +  $12.85 (Per Day)  

Includes: 1 Lock and 1 Basket (Upon Request)

Deposit: $50 Refundable Security Deposit on a credit required at time of rental

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233 14 Street

Miami Beach, FL. 33139

For more information in our rentals, please contact us at 305-673-3322 or email at

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